About Us

We stand out in everything we accomplish. We have had record revenues for the past 20 years. Our Projects helped improve the quality of communities and people. The Badaan family is deeply appreciative to all the clients who through their trust placed them on the elite residential list worldwide. We create sustainable solutions and aim to be the leaders of class. By combining our expertise and financial strength, we have successfully developed.

        ● Villa in Adma
        ● Residence Kenz 2000 in Belle vue, Awkar
        ● Kenz II in Deichounieh, Mansourieh
        ● A unique center in Fanar
        ● Badaro Tower
        ● A charming house in Awkar, Al Hadira
        ● Roof Top night club in Royal Plaza, Raouche
        ● Badaan Village, our latest four jewels (Sapphire, Emerald, Onyx & Pearl) in Deik el Mehdi facing Champville school
        ● Residence In Dik El Mehdi

The Badaan’s extensive background of success and determination is what Optimum Realty was built on. We are here to provide you with the professionalism and integrity needed to ensure that you are making the right decision and choosing the lifestyle that best suits you.

Our Projects

+ Kenz II - Residence in Deichounieh, Mansourieh
+ Roof Top - Night club in Royal Plaza, Raouche
+ Badaro Tower
+ Commercial Center in Fanar
+ VILLA in Adma
+ Kenz 2000 - Residence in Belle Vue, Awkar
+ Residential Apartment in Al Hadira, Awkar
+ badaan village - dik el mehdi

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Our Address

Optimum Realty - Aoun Bldg - 3rd Floor
 Jdeidet El Maten - Lebanon

Tel / Fax: 01 - 895 407
Mobile: 03 - 260 370
Email: optimum@badaanvillage.com